About Us

About Us

Our School is established in 1998. From 1998 school achieved pick of all Success School is Situated for all Villages students these students also made History for School. Schools Motto also shows that Villages Development through reputed cultural education. School not only makes Students in academic but also made students in discipline. 


Aims of the school

The School aims at :-

  • Forming intellectual developed, emotionally matured, morally upright and spiritually enlightened men and women.
  • Forming a new generation of people who are committed to the task of building up just Society.
  • Forecasting in the pupils a high degree of integrity, honesty, justice and charity.


Message to the parents 

Disciplinary measures :-

  • Every student is expected to possess a good behavior. Any kind of disobedience which may be injurious to the moral tone of the school is sufficient reason for dismissal from the school.
  • Every student is expected to strictly follow the rules & regulations of the school.

Absence / Attendance :-

  • Leave without prior sanction of the class-teacher should not be taken. If the leave is more than two days, has to be sanction before enjoying the leave.
  • Absent on account of illness should be supported by the medical certificate.

School Uniform :-

  • Parents should be send their children to the school in time & in the prescribed uniform.

Homework :-

  • Home work which is daily routine work of the school activity has to be done without fail. The parents should daily go though the school dairy of any communication attain to the child’s homework daily & supervise them.

Examination & Promotion :-

  • During examination if a child is suffering from any serious infection then only his exam will be conduct later. In case any student remain absent for the examination will be consider as fail.
  • The practical work of the subjects like Work experience has to be submitted in the school at the given time otherwise the student will be consider as fail.
  • Student of those parents who have not collected their annual report cards will not be allowed to appear in the classroom for the next academic year.

Curriculum :-

  • The course of studies of the school is arranged according to the syllabus laid down by the Department of Education , Government of Maharashtra.
  • Being an English Medium school besides all other subjects Marathi , Hindi , Computer subjects are also been taught here.
  • All the activities conducted in the school are carried out for the children & hence they are compulsory e.g. camp, picnic, sports activity etc.

Gathering :-

  • Those parents who not want to the actual participation of their ward in the gathering have to submit a written statement of it to the respective class-teacher.
  • Regarding the gathering parents have to get their problems solve during the meeting held for the organization of it .