Secretary’s Message : 

Secretary: Dr.Deepak L. Kurade
Secretary: Dr.Deepak L. Kurade
Now days there are tremendous changes in the field of education. Today’s student is an individual , is a real person with feeling of self respect , sensitivity & responsibility. We need to recognize , appreciate & foster the feeling of sensibility in child . All of we are much aware about grand success achieved by the pupils of the school in education, arts, science , cultural & sports activity. But beyond that we want to enhance the life skills among the students. This helps them in future.


Principal’s Message : 

Mr. Yadav S.K

Principal : Mr.Yadav Sachin K.

I am principle of the school,and also founder teacher of the school,Last 14 years I am coming here. So this School is well-known School from Satara District. Students coming from villages but very sharp and prompt about the study and discipline. School means team work .so I glad to say from KG to Secondary Section teachers are very punctual about work . so the result is comes very good. Sanstha’s members, Teachers, Students and parents this four pillars of the school. So this school is grown up very well. I proud my school very much. Thank you.


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